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Alltimes Coatings is an importer, distributor and agent of waterproof coatings, specialising in niche markets and always looking at ways you can improve the application or performance of your waterproofing and protection needs. By servicing niche areas we are able to offer you specialist knowledge and experience, helping you to solve your waterproofing and chemical protection problems.

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This is our full e-commerce web site and you will find all of our products from the various specialist web sites and a whole lot more for coating and sealing. We will gradually add more and more information for you with application guides, videos, photos, tips etc. For our approved contractors, you will be able to set up an account and log in, so that you get your special prices.

Asbestos Roof Repair

If you have an industrial asbestos roof that needs repair and refurbishment start here. Asbestos roof replacemnt is usually not necessary and far more expensive than the alternatives.

Asbestos Roof Coatings

Here you can find more about roof coatings for asbestos roofing, particualrly Fibroseal, which was designed especially for refurbishing asbestos cement roofs with the minimum of intrusive and destructive cleaning.

EPDM Liquid Rubber

For over 50 years EPDM has been world reknowned for being one of the best roofing products around with it's long life, excellent UV and ozone resistance and ability to withstand temperature extremes. It is now available in liquid form and there is only known manufacturer in the world of true EPDM in liquid form.

Iso Paint Coatings and Paints

We are proud to be the UK stocking distributor of Iso Paint coatings and paint products. For over 45 years the products have been made without compromise and complent our other high quality products. Products inlcude roof coatings, facade paint and roof cleaners.

Contracotrs like to use these products because they are designed with ease of use, flexibilty, waterproofing, adhesion, UV resistance and vapour permeability.

Motorhome Roof Repair

This is a version of the EPDM Liquid specially formulated for motorhomes, RV's and caravans. It has been a favourite of many caravan and RV owners in the US for over twenty years. You can now get this premium waterproofer in the UK and Europe through Alltimes Coatings. It goes on like paint but is instantly water proof and cures to a complete rubber membrane, virtually chemically identical to sheet rubber EPDM.

Caravan Roof Repair

You can stop fretting over when your silicone sealer is going to fail or how you are ever going to change or remove your roof window because it is sealed in hard with adhesive. EPDM Liquid Roof stays flexible with your vehicle movement. Extreme cold or hot weather do not damage the membrane and it is not only water proof as soon as it is applied, but wether conditions during curing will not affect it's final performance.