Our Products

For contractors and building owners who want high performance products to weatherproof structures and more. You've now got access to an exclusive range of coatings especially to make the contractors life easier ad safer and the building owners costs less.

High performance roof and wall sealants for every occasion

From patch repair and instant leak stopping, up to full roof refurbishment, you can be prepared for every challenge.

We've built our range to reflect your needs.

  • Need a tough rubber that's straight on metal and rust? Use the ever popular Liquid Rubber EPDM.
  • Or got a felt flat roof with a lake of ponding water? The Moisture Cure Rubber can handle it easily.
  • And an asbestos roof needing a refurb? AsbestosProof or ISO Rubber encapsulate the fibres.
  • leaking gutters letting the side down? Get a 15 year system with LiquidGutter.
  • Or got a roof that needs a good paint? Make it brighter, cleaner and healthier with ISOnit roof paint.
  • What about skylight coating? The translucent and tough SuperArmour will sort that out.
  • Faced with exterior walls that need weatherproofing? ISO Paint's impregnations will make them brighter, cleaner and drier.
  • With us you get the perfect solution, whether that's a rubber, an impregnation or specialist paint.

       Gutter repair seamless

Coatings that are tested, tested and then tested some more

We only supply the sealants that will do the work.

Every product has been tried, tested and proven to get your job done as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible. High quality chemistry means great durability, unlike inferior coatings that aren't tough enough for long term waterproofing.

We never touch bitumen based solutions because of their reliability. And we'd never recommend a product that wasn't up to the task. 

Here you'll find the coatings and paints that have proven themselves time and time again, and in conditions all over the world. This means that both contractor and building owner can have complete confidence and pride in their new watertight structure.

EPDM Rubber roofing

Support and guidance from coatings experts

When do you need to prime? What about roof details and upstands? Or cracks and holes in the surface?

We're here to guide you through the process, from opening the tin to looking back on a smooth and rejuvenated substrate. Get in touch for free project advice, and our expertise can make your job clear and simple.