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While your competitors' manufacturer sits in a factory somewhere, we're by your side.

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You're chatting to a potential new customer, explaining your services and how you can waterproof their roof. They seem keen to get the project started and you feel as though you've won the job already. But halfway through talking about your roofing systems, their smile drops. You're going to use what system? Is that really going to work for my roof? And isn't there some bad press about coatings? 

Instead of excited about getting started, you end up driving back to the office frustrated. This happens to all roofing contractors. Many customers are new to coatings and need more reassurance that these roofing systems can get the job done. You may still get the job, but is it worth the chance? Plus, can you be so sure that you've chosen the right coating?

Your on-site liquid sealant technical back up

When we come to site with you, your customer gets to see first hand the roofing system that'll waterproof their roof. They can ask technical questions and have any doubts squashed. This means they have greater confidence in choosing your quote, and you can work on the projects you prefer. You can build your portfolio with the roofing systems and jobs you've always wanted. And rest assured that you've got the right tools for the project. 

Don't lose another sealant job

We'll evaluate the roof together and talk the customer through which coating would be best. Many manufacturers won't come on site and help you out. But for us, customer visits are a big part of our helping you succeed ethos. Plus it gives us a chance to see the roof, making it easier to be sure we're recommending the right solution. No more worry over whether or not you'll get the job, and no more competitors sweeping in and taking your project.   

We sell the waterproofing system for you 

We'll overcome any objections the customer has and explain why the coating will fit their requirements. You get to drive away excited about your job.

"Again, thank you so much for your advice, support and guidance, which has been greatly appreciated, you have been a star."

-Ang, school in Surrey 

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